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Are you looking for a job that challenges, inspires and realises your potential? At GLL you’ll have the opportunity to Achieve More.

GLL is a charitable social enterprise running over 120 community leisure facilities and 26 libraries mainly around London and the South East. Our vision is to make community services and spaces better for everyone and it’s about more than just money. Our people invest time, energy and effort into helping and improving communities through the services we offer - and with great results.

We’re owned by our staff and Society members, who have a non-dividend-paying share in GLL. That means our workforce is empowered, motivated and involved in making important decisions that affect the company. In fact, the majority of our Board are elected by the workforce

Our success means we’re proud to be the first leisure operator in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Social Enterprise Mark and the Big Society Award.

Join us and share our passion for working in the sport and leisure and cultural services sector. From fitness instructors and lifeguards, receptionists and sales staff, library assistants and librarians across 120+ facilities, the career opportunities are huge. And that's on top of the rane of support positions within GLL’s head office.

If after searching our careers pages you find that you need addtional qualifications to apply for our jobs why not visit the London Leisure College website to find out more about leisure sector qualifications and how to obtain them on :

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